Saturday, January 28, 2012

Warm fuzzies

After my last post, I really feel the need to post some "I really love my kids" warm fuzzies. Because I do love my kids and I am frequently amazed by how awesome they are. Although I will admit that this post is very Jade heavy because Piper is two months old and two-month-olds don't do a whole lot :)

This is from my phone because I still can't upload pictures to my computer so I apologize for the crappy quality of photos/videos.

The other day, I was nursing Piper and heard Jade say "Elmo read!". I looked over and she had set Elmo and her baby doll up with books and then proceeded to tell me what books they were reading. I was so impressed that she knew the book names and was so happy to see her using her imagination.

This picture might not look like much, but it's the first time she's colored something and then told me what it was: a flower :)

I was getting my wrap ready to wear Piper and Jade asked to be put in the wrap. I asked her if she wanted to put her baby in a wrap, which was apparently very exciting and she ran to get her baby. I grabbed a scarf as this is what we came up with. Melt. My. Heart.

And a video of her adorable pronunciation of "Piper". I catch myself calling her Poppy all the time. I have a feeling the nickname might stick.

Nothing earth shattering, but I think my kid is pretty awesome (a mom thing I suppose) and wanted to share.

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Anna said...

Love that pretty girl!! She is so cute with the wrap.