Wednesday, December 1, 2010

7 months

Sunday, Jade was 7 months old. I think this month has brought the most changes so far, mainly with her physical milestones.

She can now sit up by herself no problem, and is far less wobbly than before. She also finally figured out to put her arms out when trying to go from sitting to crawling, so there's not so much face-planting going on :)

She learned to crawl. She still mainly scoots, but she is crawling more and more and is definitely mobile and going after things.

She can pull to standing while holding onto our fingers, and is really close to being able to pull up on the couch. We're going to have to lower the crib mattress tonight because last night she kept trying to pull up on the side- she wasn't quite successful, but it's just a matter of time.

She is finally sleeping a bit better. Her naps have improved drastically. If I put her down 2 hours after she wakes up in the morning, she goes down without a fight and normally sleeps for at least an hour. The afternoon nap is still a bit of a struggle, but is still better than it was. She now only wakes up twice at night more consistently than anything else, so that's been nice as well. When we were traveling, it was worse, but that's understandable. Two times a night isn't perfect, but it's so much better than it was so I'm super-thankful. It also helps that Chuck takes her first waking because I'm normally asleep by then :)

Speaking of Chuck, she's started to get excited when he gets home from work, which is super cute. I have a feeling she's gonna be a total daddy's girl.

She LOVES to eat. She's actually started to cut back on her nursing sessions a little and is eating 3 full meals of solids a day. So far, her favorite food is peaches, but I haven't found anything she won't eat.

Without further ado, her 7-month photo... I'll post soon about our trip home for Thanksgiving!

It was impossible to get her to sit still for this one.. but I thought this one was cute :)

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Anna said...

I think this is one of the best pictures yet!!