Monday, December 6, 2010

Embrace the crunchiness

There has always been a small part of me that had a bit of a hippy ("crunchy", if you will) nature. I'm slightly freakish about recycling, and compared to my ROTC/Air Force buddies was quite the liberal.

Since becoming a mom, this has multiplied exponentially. I was talking to Chuck the other day about how I wanted to get some bamboo inserts for Jade's diapers because they're more absorbent and he looked at me like I had been possessed. Now that I use cloth, I hate putting disposables on her because they're so paper-like and the chemicals weird me out.

My parenting choices have put me in line with all the no-showering/no-shaving people. I denied it for a while, but it's true.

I baby-wear, and not with a Bjorn or some other mainstream carrier, but with a woven wrap.
I cloth diaper.
I breastfeed exclusively, nurse in public (without a cover) without batting an eye, and don't think it's "weird" or "creepy" if people nurse their baby past a year.
I really try to limit battery operated toys, and prefer toys made of natural materials.
I think bed-sharing is just as "normal" (if not more so) than babies having their own room.
We Baby Led Wean, instead of feeing purees

But all of a sudden, I have nothing in common with most of the moms that I know. I was talking to some ladies at church the other day and realized that I was definitely an oddity. But I am embracing it. A couple women now call me "the hippy" and I think this will be my new name.

That is all.


Jessica said...

Yeah I don't really think you are a hippy sweetie. :-) You do what works for you and Jade, I mean every choice you have made from diapers to even how and when you breastfeed have been results of your experiences with Jade and her needs. I talk to you every day and I honestly just think of you as another mom-I don't find you weird :) Of course, that's just me :-)

~Hope said...

I find you weird, but that was long before you had Jade. :) I honestly enjoy your frankness and your understanding that every child isn't alike. I will be perusing your blog closer now for advice, so don't worry about just posting Jade updates. Though those are cool too, I like your thoughts. :)