Monday, December 13, 2010


Chuck is about the pickiest guy I know. Most guys I know say "yeah, whatever" when it comes to certain things. Chuck is not that guy. He has an opinion on everything. Except for what I cook for dinner, but that's another story.

So when it came time to pick out Jade's stocking, we had an extremely difficult time. I didn't want anything that was baby-ish because I want it to be her stocking for the rest of her life. None of our stocking's have our names on them, so I didn't want hers to have her name on it. I didn't want to buy new stocking for the whole family, because then what happens when we have another kid and we can't find those stockings? We have to buy all new stockings again? I don't think so.

So I picked out several while I was out shopping this year. I would take a picture and text it to Chuck. He would immediately (or not so immediately) text back and say "no" and then give his reason. Seriously, why can't you just say "yeah, whatever"?

But now I know why. Because it challenged me to find the best.stocking.ever. I love this stocking so much that everytime I look at it, I smile and think "wow, I love that stocking". It's girly, but not too girly. It looks good with the rest of our stockings, but it's not matchy matchy. Frankly, it's perfect.

Even Chuck likes it. Not so much that he looks at it and says "that stocking is perfect," but he doesn't look at it and grimace, which is what he would have done with any other one that I had picked out.

I found it from Etsy seller Mrowe. Etsy never disappoints :)


Jessica said...

The stocking is very pretty! It should definitely last! :) I liked the way you hung all of yours up too! Very cute!

Kristin Roberts said...

not to take away from the awesomeness of Jade's stocking (it is SO CUTE!).. but your dogs' stockings are awesome!! :) hehe.. definitely beats the tiny puff paint one I made Charlie

~e said...

Haha thanks Kristin :)

Anna said...

Ha--my stocking comment got on the hippy mom post!!