Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pregnancy- 34 weeks

Pregnancy: 34 weeks

Weight Gain: 24 pounds at my last appointment... we'll see what they say when I go back on Friday!

Sleep: I wake up approximately 5,000 times a night to shift and/or go to the bathroom. I'm tired.

Gender: Still a girl... we think :)

Name: We have chosen. We are not sharing.

Feeling: Tired and overwhelmed. We STILL have not finished the nursery (seems to be a trend to do things last minute around here) and just have a lot in general to get done. Chuck is working really late hours and his grad school class is taking up a good bit of his time as well. I'm trying to plug along one day at a time and still enjoy my days and not just survive them. Relying on the Lord's strength for that one.

Movement: Still kicking... a lot. Shouldn't she be running out of room?

Next Appointment: Friday. Went to the 3rd trimester class last week and was reminded of how much preparation and reading I did before Jade came and how much I HAVEN'T done this time. I thought that I remembered everything. I was wrong :) Luckily, I took it early enough that I can refresh myself before the baby comes!

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