Saturday, October 8, 2011

New blog title

*warning: this post contains rambling. Possibly more than usual.

I'm not sure if you guys have noticed, but I'm a little pregnant. And the title at the top of the screen still says "Life with Jade". I think the pregnancy might warrant a change to said blog title.

With that said, I'm not going to change the URL. If I ever have a large readership (doubtful), maybe I'll get around to that. But right now, I don't really think it matters.

I've given a lot of thought about what I should change the title to. One of the things I said a while ago is that I want my blog to start covering more topics that are important to me. I haven't changed a whole lot around here since then, but I've thought about it. Honestly, right now I'm focusing on surviving the pregnancy with a teething toddler, but that's a post for another day.

Anyways, my point is that I would probably be changing the title soon even if I wasn't pregnant because my life does actually involve some things that aren't about Jade. *gasp* So even though changing the title to "life with two under two" or "my crazy pathetic excuse for a life with two under two" is tempting, I think I'll be going another direction.

Last year around Christmas, my pastor preached a sermon series on tending to your garden. Now, at risk of butchering what he said very eloquently, I will attempt to explain the concept. God might not have given each of us a literal garden like he gave to Adam and Eve, but He gave us each a metaphorical one.  We all have things that God has placed us in charge (as stewards) of. In my case, I have a home, a family, a desire for learning and reading, etc. Some people (a lot of people) have a job. These are all things that we should be using to serve the Lord.

Now, I fall short of this a lot. My garden is sometimes withering. But I am constantly striving to be better. Striving to be a good gardener of the blessings God has given me. So, in an effort to have a title that reflects more of my life, I thought about naming the blog "My little garden" or "My garden patch" or something along those lines.

The problem, of course, is that some people might think that I'm actually talking about gardening. As in plants and things. Anyone that knows me knows that gardening is not my thing (sorry mom!). (I would just like to share that I did manage to keep some marigolds alive the ENTIRE summer. That's never happened before). I could solve that by adding an "about the blog" tab at the top of the blog to explain the whole concept. I could maybe even explain it more eloquently than this. I know I have the sermon notes somewhere that surely are more accurate than my memory.

Ok... so what do you guys think? Good idea? Bad idea? I do have some other ideas, but I like this one the best. So let me know. Seriously. Click on the "comments" link and tell me what you think. Now.


Anna said...

What about "Tending God's garden"?

Anonymous said...

dear Erin,
What a great idea, in keeping a garden there are so many factors that relate to "every-day" life! But I will say, no matter the title, I always enjoy reading your post as a matter of fact, I read them more than once!!!
Gods' blessings on you and your family-
We love you:)

Anonymous said...

Sweet Peas and Turnip tales--life with my two girls

Garden, I got nothing. :)