Friday, August 26, 2011


Since yesterday's post was a bit of a downer, I wanted to follow it up with something a bit happier.

I might hate being pregnant, but I loved labor. After 10 months of being pregnant (yes, 10), and at least 4 months of being uncomfortable, you finally get to DO SOMETHING. I think that part of what I hate about being pregnant are the limitations. I don't like being limited physically. If I want to go on a 5 mile run, I'm gonna go on a 5 mile run. Not being able to do that is hard for me. So when labor came around I was downright excited.

I was blown away by God's provision for women during labor- the natural hormones that kicked in and helped numb the pain. My husband's loving support that made me feel treasured and beautiful. The way that I instinctively knew what to do- which way to stand, how to move, when to relax. 

It was beautiful. There's no other way to describe it. Was it painful? Absolutely. But God has deadened that memory in my mind. I don't remember the pain. I remember the bliss. It hurts my heart when people that are uneducated about birth automatically get medication and lay on their backs because that's all they know. Because they're afraid of the pain. God has so much more for us than pain in labor. 

And the end product... well, you can't beat that.

Graphic? Maybe. But I think it's beautiful.

*Disclaimer: I am not in any way saying that every woman that receives medication during labor or has a C-section is wrong. There are good reasons for both of those things. My viewpoint is that they are both used more often than they need to be... but I am extremely grateful that they are available for when they are needed. 


Meg said...

I followed your 10 month link because I've been thinking about that and everytime I calculate actual pregnancy time, it's 9 months. So I saw that - and I see the 10 months thing is by the Lunar calendar... ok. But I don't go by the Lunar calendar so I'll stick to the 9 months (since I'm used to months being > 4 weeks long) :) Also, if you take out the initial two weeks (on average) that are counted when you really aren't actually pregant (since they start counting from LMP) - that supports 9 months even more.

I only say this to say that ever since you first said 10 months I've been running numbers through my head since I'm a numbers person and couldn't figure out how you got to 10 months. But I see how you could calculate that if you assumed 4 weeks in each month.

I'm a numbers person, I can't help it.

Also - yay labor! I'm praying this labor is another great experience with no complications and a healthy baby and happy parents!

~e said...

Ok Meg, I'm following you until you say "if you take out the initial two weeks". Now I completely agree that you are not pregnant those two weeks. I think the way that pregnancy is calculated is a bit dumb (although I finally at least understand it). However, those 2 weeks are important... if I walked into a doctors office right now and told them I was 24 weeks (not 26) they would freak out because everything would be measuring wrong. In the medical community, you are pregnant 10 months. Now obviously it's not 10 calendar months, but 9 months doesn't really make much sense either- it's somewhere in the middle. Which is why most of the time, I do everything by weeks because it's so much easier.