Thursday, August 11, 2011

Outer Banks Pictures

Going to the beach with a toddler was an idea-opening experience. First, don't be surprised to not actually see a picture from the beach. One of Jade's favorite things to do was dump sand in the beach bag. Not a safe place for a camera. Second, I could have taken pictures with my iPhone, but that would imply that I wasn't following her around trying to keep her from running into the water, or stealing strangers drinks, food, or chairs. So I took two pictures on the beach... and they are on my phone. I thought I had synced my phone, but apparently not. And this post is already late enough.

So yeah, not a relaxing beach vacation... but it was good. It was so nice to just get away for a bit and to be able to spend all that time with Chuck.

We only have 2 family pictures from the trip- one from the aquarium, and one from one of those old-timey places. So I won't be posting those, because they're not on my camera. Oh well.

The long-lost 21-week picture.

Not the best picture, but she was so excited to show me the duck! And look at that cute bathing suit!

Hiking up Jockey's Ridge.

Just an idea of how HUGE this sand dune is!

There were lots of people flying kites- Jade loved it.

A replica of the Wright Brother's flyer.

She was just happy because she didn't have to do all that walking!

Hanging out with daddy.

Sitting in one of the swings at Nags Head Hammocks.

She had lots of fun on the front porch of the hammock place.

Thoughtful Jade :)

Ok, maybe that should have been 2 posts. Oh well!


Neil Slaughter said...

I bet the hammock place was neat. I love the picture of Jade in the polka dot outfit.

Jessica Ilsen said...

I dito what your dad said - I love that pic! sorry you didn't get many beach shots. I will have to keep in mind to bring one of those waterproof, cheap kodak cameras if we ever make it to the beach with Caleb :) OH and Jade's red bathing suit - adorable!! I love it :)