Thursday, August 4, 2011

The trip- photos part 2

Just to clarify- this is still my "tour of the South" trip. Pictures from the Outer Banks trip coming to a blog near you soon ;)

I love this one because they look like they are having such a serious conversation.

One of her messiest meals yet- simply because her hair is hard as a rock standing up like that,
thanks to the peach juice.

4 generations.

She liked sitting in the box for the Barbie clothes.

Copying her cousin... so cute :)

And then we drove to Atlanta, stayed a night there with Meg and Kyle, and  then drove the 9 hours back home. Only it took longer than that because about 15 minutes from Meg's house we came to a complete stop and stayed that way for TWO HOURS. There was an accident about a mile ahead of us. It was miserable. I was tempted to let Jade play with her tricycle on the interstate... instead we settled for her sitting in the front seat. She loved all the buttons on the stereo :)
Crappy iPhone pic of Jade snacking in the front seat.

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