Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pregnancy- 24 weeks

I know this post is a bit late (I'll be 25 weeks on Friday!) but my appointment was yesterday, so I wanted to wait until after that.

Pregnancy: 24 weeks

Weight Gain: 15 pounds. It seems that eating like crap on 2 vacations has done me in... I gained 8 pounds in 4 weeks. But I'm still going to the gym, so hopefully it will even out and my weight gain will be minimal at my next appointment. 

Sleep: Pregnancy isn't affecting it at this point, but allergies are. I'm not sure what's blooming or going on, but they've been giving me a hard time. If I take Benadryll, I sleep better but am drowsy in the morning. But if I don't, I don't sleep much at all and am still drowsy in the morning- just not quite as bad. Seems kind of like a lose-lose.

Gender: Baby Sister on the way.

Name: Still not decided- and still not telling what we're talking about!

Feeling: Definitely better than I was doing at 20 weeks. Physically, I feel fine (other than the aforementioned allergies). Emotionally, I'm struggling. Pregnancy hormones and I really don't get along and I find myself crying for no reason consistently. It's getting old :)

Movement: This kid is crazy. Moving all.the.time. Jade was kind of quiet when she was an inside baby, so I'm really not used to it. But with Jade I did worry a lot because I didn't feel her as much as any of the books say you're supposed to, so it's nice not to have that worry.

Next Appointment: September 7 for my glucose test (for gestational diabetes) and September 13th with the midwife.

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Anonymous said...

Erin, thank you for taking the time to post so much information that I just love reading it, sometimes two to three times! With the distance of miles, it is a blessing to be able to see great pictures and feel almost if we are there. Get lots of rest so you can post some more:) -
we love you' r & c b-