Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter- egg hunt

Like I said here, we had a great Easter. It was so nice to have my parents in town and I love that Jade is getting old enough to really enjoy stuff like this. I can't wait until both the girls are, but I'm trying not to wish this time away and be really present in this moment so I won't talk too much about that :)

After we scrubbed all the egg dye off and Jade took a nap, we let her hunt eggs. She had SO much fun. In fact, she demanded that we hide them multiple times and was not very happy when I cut her off after 4 times. And for the record, she was hunting the dyed eggs so it wasn't like she was enjoying it because she was getting candy. She was getting nothing. Except for eggs. Yeah.

Very excited when she first came outside

Found one!

Smelling the flowers :)

Another one smelling the flowers- it doesn't get much cuter than this

Very excited!


Anna said...

Loved being there with you all and enjoying the wonder of a child. Beautiful!!

Kristin Roberts said...

Did you curl her hair? Or is she suddenly curly-haired on her own!?

I love it!!

~e said...

Haha Kristin, people keep asking me that! But really, can you imagine me getting her to sit still long enough to curl her hair?!? So no, I did not curl it. I did, however, have some of the mullet cut off and if I give her a bath and just let it air dry and don't put her straight in bed, this is what it looks like. Nice and curly :)