Friday, April 27, 2012

Family photos

I try to get professional photos done of my girls on a regular basis. Both have newborn packages from an amazing local photographer, Amy Sandoval, and then we go the cheaper route for a while... 3, 6 and 9 months. Jade had a one-year session done with Amy and I fully intended to get her two-year done with Amy as well. But since we just had some pictures of Jade done when Piper was born, it seemed like way too big of an expense. But I really didn't want to go to a cheapo studio- I wanted to get some family pictures done outside like we did with her one year photos. Especially since we're moving.

After Chuck gave me the stink-eye for suggesting Amy again (we love her- it's just not cheap!), I called my dad. He was already coming to town for Easter and I figured taking the pictures a month before Jade was technically 2 wasn't a big deal. Luckily, my dad takes awesome pictures and he agreed to attempt to photograph the four of us.

I'm in love with them. We went down to the Lion's Bridge/James River again. This is one of my favorite spots in the area and something I'm going to miss terribly when we move. It's so good to have these pictures taken right before we go :)

It was hard, but I chose 4 of my favorites:

One day, we'll have pictures where I'm not tickling one to get her to smile and the other ones hand isn't in her mouth. Oh, and they'll look at the camera :)

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Anna said...

I know you are going to miss the beautiful river and walking trails!! The pictures are beautiful. Dad did a great job!!