Thursday, July 12, 2012

The drive... Part Two

And some more photos of the drive... as you can see, we tried to break up the trip with "fun" as much as possible and that definitely made it better for everyone!

Swimming in the hotel pool

"All by myself!"

Jade said that Elmo needed a snack

Very LITTLE state sign that was incredibly hard to get a picture of.

10 minutes after crossing the OK state line, I stopped to nurse Piper and she did this. In the middle of a State Trooper parking lot. With nowhere to lay her down and no bathroom. We went through about 50 wipes. 

And we made it. For the record, we did ask someone to take a picture of all four of us. They took the camera, posed us, say "ok!" and then handed the camera back with no pictures taken. Apparently they didn't press the button down all the way.

Whew. And now I declare myself "caught up". 

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