Thursday, July 5, 2012

Piper grows up- 7 months

Ok, this is really late, but I don't think anyone here will blame me :)

Piper girl,

You've been 7 months old for about 2 weeks now. You just started crawling today, which is crazy considering when you hit 7 months you couldn't even get yourself to sitting! Daddy and I think that you're gonna be a climber because you're already starting to pull up on things and Jade is so cautious we figure we're due a crazy kiddo :)

You are SUCH a social baby. You fuss plenty, but if we're in public and you're fussing and someone new walks by and looks at you, you stop crying for long enough to smile at them and then start crying again. It's ridiculous! Everyone just loves you and talks about how cute you are and how happy you are. I can't wait to see how this develops as you get older because if this is any indication, you are going to be Miss Social Butterfly!

Your 7th month was basically consumed by moving, driving to Oklahoma, and staying in an itty bitty hotel in Oklahoma. You have not been impressed by our journey across the country and implore me to return to some sort of normal every night when you wake up every 2 hours to scream at me and your daddy. Unfortunately, we cannot heed your request so I would like to ask you to start sleeping again please.

You also had your first ear infections and first stomach virus. I'm telling you kiddo, it's been fun. Luckily, we have found an awesome chiropractor here that seems to be keeping your ear infections at bay.

In the last week or so you have decided "hey, this food stuff is pretty good". We've done baby led weaning with you, just like we did with your sister. You didn't take too it very well at first but you are loving food now. So far, you've had avocado, broccoli, carrot, apple, banana, and maybe something else that I can't remember. Banana seems to be your favorite. If we put Jade at the table to eat and don't immediately put you in your high chair, you get very angry. It's kind of hilarious, I'm not gonna lie. However, you still don't like to bend. You get so mad that you can't reach your food, but it takes us (what seems like) forever to get you to actually SIT in the chair. If you could stand and eat, I'm pretty sure that's what you would prefer.

You're not too big on reading... I still have been unsuccessful in reading you a single book, although I have made it through most of the stories in your rhyme Bible. You mostly just want to eat the pages and won't sit still in my lap. Oh well ;)

Your two bottom teeth have come in, but I'm pretty sure you didn't have them when you actually turned 7 months. Your top teeth are right there as well, so I'm sure those will be breaking through soon.

Mama and daddy (and big sister!) love you so much sweet girl. We are so happy that you are a part of our family.

lots of love,

*pictures not in their normal chair, because it is in storage...


Kristin Roberts said...

Aw I loved this post!! And I love you and your family :)

Anna said...

Looks like a very happy baby. I know she and everybody else will be happy to get settled in a house again--with bedrooms, etc. That way she will have more to explore.