Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Piper grows up- 8 months

Piper girl,

I never thought I'd be writing another monthly update from the hotel room. Yet, here I am, sitting on the very uncomfortable couch the AF has provided us with.

We've been in this room for 5 weeks now. In those 5 weeks, you have gone from only being able to sit when we sat you up to sitting, crawling, pulling up, and cruising. It's ridiculous. I can already tell that you are going to be much more adventurous than your sister and I think I have a climber on my hands. You still hate to bend, so you spend most of your time standing holding onto the couch. Your crawl is also a bit different... you crawl on your hands and feet most of the time, although you do use your knees some as well. Either way, you get wherever you want to go.

We're moving into our house on Friday and I can just see you crawling to all the different rooms to check everything out. But mostly, I picture you following your sister. I am amazed by how much I already see a bond with the two of you. Jade can make you laugh more quickly than anyone else and I love nothing more than to watch you cracking up at her. You're already trying to follow her everywhere, but in these close quarters that basically means that she's stepping on your hands and feet a lot. You also like to take her books and chew on them, which she does not appreciate :)

You still just have the two bottom teeth, but I keep thinking the top teeth will be here any day. Luckily, you have not had any more ear infections this month... I'm sure the chiropractor has something to do with that! I'm pretty sure you weigh 1,000 pounds at this point, but we'll get a more accurate weight at your 9-month appointment. With a yet to be determined pediatrician.

You officially love food. You enjoy eating all of your meals with the family and I can't even remember how many foods you've tried in the past month. But I will say that I didn't think it was possible to be messier than Jade, but you have achieved it. Luckily we'll get the dogs back soon and they'll take care of most of the clean up!

You are starting to babble more and more and I can't wait to have little conversations with you :) One of my favorite things that you do is wrinkle up your nose and do this snort laugh thing. It's impossible to describe, but it's absolutely hilarious and just melts my heart.

I love to kiss your bald baby head and act like I'm eating your cheeks.

You are seriously the most adorable, chubby baby ever and I'm so glad you're mine.

lots of love,


Neil Slaughter said...

How precious are these pictures? You should post Jade's 8 months picture next to these to compare size.

Sallie V said...

What a cute smile!! Love it!