Saturday, September 10, 2011

Coming home outfit

When I was pregnant with Jade, I had no problem picking out an outfit for her (at the time her/him) to wear home from the hospital. I went to Target, saw something cute, and bought it. And she was pretty adorable.

So I just realized that I didn't even get a good shot of the outfit. Either way, it was one piece with polka dots and a little giraffe that said "I love hugs".

The problem is that when I bought Jade's outfit, I thought everything in the baby section was cute. I am no longer under that impression. I rarely buy anything with words on it and am sick of most zoo animals. I like cute prints, don't get me wrong. I'm just pickier now, that's all.

Which has not been a problem... until now. Four days ago, I started looking for a coming home outfit for baby sister. Three days ago I realized that it was going to be very hard to find one. Two days ago, I found something I liked... for $70. So I decided to let you guys help me decide.

Before I give you the options, I'm going to share my criteria: 
1. Either one piece or a onesie with pants... I don't want a shirt that doesn't snap at the bottom because it'll just ride up on such a teeny baby.
2. Soft colors. Generally, I go for bright things on a baby, but I really want something pastel for the coming home outfit.
3. No huge designs. I really don't want a huge heart or elephant or anything on the middle. Smaller prints are fine, as long as it's not some animal.
4. Coming with a hat is a bonus, but not necessary. We have some cute knit hats from when Jade was born, and one of them will probably match.

Are you thinking that I'm too picky? Maybe I am. Oh well. So here goes:

Option 1:

I basically love everything about this outfit but the price. It's $70. Really? I just can't see spending that much on something the kid will wear once maybe twice. But it meets all of my criteria...

Option 2:
This? Is super sweet. The price is right (on sale for $16.80), but can you imagine putting tights on a newborn? I can. And it's not a fun picture. And I wouldn't want to let her go without because it'll probably be pretty cool out and Baby Sister will need her legs to be warm. So yeah, that's my biggest hesitation with this one.

Option 3:

I'm just not sold on this one. I like it, but I don't think it's right for a coming home outfit. I think the biggest thing is the bright purple skirt. If it was lavender, I think it's like it more. I just don't like the dark color.

Option 4:
This is probably my second choice. My beef with it? It just doesn't seem special enough. Yes, I know, that makes no sense. I guess it just seems too simple.

So there ya have it, folks. The 4 options. Help me decide please? There is a clicky poll on my homepage to the left. It'll be open until 24 Sep. I'm even gonna let Chuck vote ;) 


Anonymous said...

Option 1 and 2 are my choices.


Jessica Ilsen said...

My thoughts... :)
Option 1: it is cute, but not 70 dollars cute. While it is definitely special looking, as an outfit in general I'm just not as crazy about it.
Option 2: comfy church look. it is adorable, and I like it better than option 1 but I think you are right - it is too much trouble. I would still buy it though :)
Option 3: playtime? it is cute, but I don't think it is a coming home outfit. not feeling it.
Option 4: Out of the 4 I would pick this one and get a cute hat or small (:)) bow or headband thingy to go with it to spruce it up some. But it is simple and precious. Plus you have the whole puffed sleeves going there which one day she will hopefully appreciate because she will be an Anne fan. :)
I hope my replies were helpful and not too detailed :) Your mom was much more direct :)
love you! -Jess

Kristin Roberts said...

I love Option 4. I think simple and sweet is definitely the way to go. I mean - hello, it's a brand new, amazing PERSON. We don't need the outfit to "say" much.

Option one is cute but seems too formal and doesn't fit y'alls personalities to me. And yeah I can't imagine spending that much.. but maybe if u kept that inspiration and found something similar.

Option 2 is actually my most favorite, but not for coming home for all the reasons you said. Buy it too though and use it for something! :)

Ok now I'm gonna just go click on option 4.

Meg said...

I love Option 4! Ditto to everything Kristin said.

Sallie V said...

I would like to state that, my choice was Option 4...I love the flowers. Option 2 is my 2nd choice. I wanted to add to my vote that I VETO option please subtract a vote from Option 1. $70 is outrageous for any piece of child's clothing. period. :)