Sunday, September 4, 2011

Pregnancy- 27 weeks

I apologize for my lack of posting this week. I had a couple that I wanted to do, but with no electricity it was a *bit* hard. Hopefully this week everything will get back on track.

Pregnancy: 27 weeks. I guess that means I'm officially the 3rd trimester, huh? Scary!

Weight Gain: Won't really know until my next appointment. Praying I didn't gain 8 pounds in 4 weeksa again :)

Sleep: I'm gonna start just leaving this out, because I feel like I'm just complaining. It's 5:20 am right now, so that should answer your question!

Gender: Baby Sister on the way!

Name: We have a name. First is pretty definite and middle is getting there. I'm glad that we're not telling people. It's more fun that way. Plus, there's still a chance the kid will come out and we'll say "she looks like a Methuselah" and we'll name her that. Although probably not Methuselah.

Feeling: Decent? We missed out on some good "work" time with Irene... last weekend was spent waiting for her to hit. We didn't want to start anything and then lose power halfway through. And then we lost power Sunday (or Saturday? I don't remember) and didn't get it back until Thursday morning so needless to say we weren't doing any painting. So I'm stressing, but trying not to stress too much. My parents are in town for the holiday weekend so we're just enjoying them being here and I'll start freaking out when they leave :)

Movement: Still moving constantly. It still amazes me how much I feel her. She has started to kick me in the ribs. This is one of those things that everyone complains about that Jade NEVER did. I am not a fan. I'll be honest... part of my not loving pregnancy is a kid inside my belly waking me up at 3 in the morning kicking my ribs. 

Next Appointment: Wednesday for my glucose test (for gestational diabetes) and September 13th with the midwife.

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