Friday, September 9, 2011

Mother's Morning Out

Today was Jade's first day at Mother's Morning Out. I'll admit that I was nervous. It seems silly, but this is just another sign of how much my baby girl is growing up and it makes me sad! I kept telling Chuck that it was her first day of school and he informed me that "it's not... this is no big deal". Way to make me feel even more crazy, hubs.

I realize that it was just the morning, and that when she actually starts preschool it'll be a much bigger deal, but I still think this was a big deal :)

"I'll sit down, but I won't smile!"

I tried to put her in one of her cute fall outfits, but the pants fell off. This weekend I'm gonna have to get Chuck to get some of her clothes from the attic to see if her pants from last winter fit... I hope her jeans are 9 months and not 6 months, because I know the 6 months will be too small but the 12 month ones wound up around her knees. Anyways, because of this revelation, she wore one of her summer dresses. It's certainly hot enough to wear it, so it wasn't a big deal. But I thought she would've been cute in little jeans!


Our photo shoot before she left consisted of me following her around the house snapping away. She doesn't quite understand the whole "sit still and smile!" thing.

So pretty

When I dropped her off, she was hesitant, but didn't cling too badly and went to the lady that was working. Once they handed her her blanky, she was good to go, so I just left. I've found that the longer I hang around, the more upset she gets so I figured she would be happy as long as I wasn't there.

I included this just because it shows how tan her legs are. 
I will always be jealous of her tan :)

When I picked her up, she was climbing on one of the indoor jungle gym things that they have. They said that she hadn't fussed at all and had a "great little personality". I was so proud! And I was able to go to the commissary and Costco, and I'll admit it was nice to do that by myself. MMO is only every other week, but I think it'll be good for both of us to have that time apart.

She's growing up!

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Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. Love the sunglasses!