Monday, September 26, 2011

Pregnancy- 30 weeks

Pregnancy: 30 weeks

Weight Gain: I'll find out on October 4th. This is when everything went to crap with Jade, so who knows...

Sleep: Better. I've been sleeping like a baby. Of course, I was also fairly doped up on medicine all weekend since I was so sick. But I haven't taken anything today, so we'll have to see how tonight goes :)

Gender: Baby Sister on the way!

Name: First name is decided... middle name is between a few choices. I have stopped calling her by that name since apparently it freaks Chuck out, but we both agree that it is the name. 

Feeling: Alright. There's a couple big "to do" items on our list (find a car, finish the nursery) but I'm trying really hard not to stress and to realize that even if we DON'T finish those things, the baby will be fine. 

Movement: I thought the kid was running out of room. Apparently she has made more for herself because she's moving like crazy again. 

Next Appointment: October 4th.

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