Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pregnancy- 28 weeks

Pregnancy: 28 weeks. There's no picture this week because we kept forgetting and I'm already in my pajamas. If I took it tomorrow, I'd be closer to 29 weeks than 28 so I just decided to forget it :)

My appointment today went pretty well- I passed my glucose test "with flying colors" and met the fourth of four midwifes, so now there's no chance of a stranger at my appointment.
Weight Gain: Slightly better? Six pounds in 4 weeks. Still not what they're looking for, but they're not at all concerned because I did gain so much with Jade and everything turned out fine and I lost it all (easily at that). 

I know part of what threw me off was not having power for 5 days and then my parents coming to town... we did a lot of eating out and not as much exercising as I normally do. So that puts me at 21 pounds total. I don't know exactly where I was at this point with my pregnancy with Jade, but I definitely feel better so that's something. 

Sleep: I'm making an effort not to nap during the day and that's helping a little bit. 

Gender: Baby Sister on the way!

Name: First name is decided... middle name is between a few choices.

Feeling: Pretty good. I had a rough couple days, but I really think that was just from eating badly for a while. I've gotten my diet back on track and that's helping. I'm completely overwhelmed right now emotionally, but I'm trying to take it one day at a time.

Movement: I think maybe she's slowed down some, but that might just be wishful thinking. I still feel her constantly. At some point she'll start to run out of room :)

Next Appointment: In three weeks!

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