Monday, September 19, 2011

Pregnancy- 29 Weeks

Pregnancy: 29 weeks. 

Versus- 29 weeks pregnant with Jade.

My belly is definitely a different shape, and possibly a bit bigger, but I think overall I look better. My face hasn't started getting fat yet, which I'm pretty dang happy about. That, and I got my hair cut today, and I like it :)

Weight Gain: Trying not to think about it and focus on the fact that I do think I'm doing better than last time, and that I should be proud of myself for that.

Sleep: Would be just fine if I could breathe. Four out of the last 5 days I have had to take Benadryll in order to get any sleep at all, and I hate doing that. I have no idea what I'm having such a strong allergic reaction to, but I'm sneezing a lot and congested. I'm hoping this does not last the next 10 weeks.

Gender: Baby Sister on the way!

Name: First name is decided... middle name is between a few choices. I have started calling Baby Sister by that name. Chuck, for some reason, HATES it. Every time I say her name he shudders. Which makes me think "ok, do you not like the name?" and he says "no, I just don't wanna use it yet". Uh... what? I don't get it. But I suppose it's a good thing we're not telling people since he apparently can't say the name outloud until the child is out of my belly.

Feeling: Pretty good. I had a rough couple days, but I really think that was just from eating badly for a while. I've gotten my diet back on track and that's helping. I'm completely overwhelmed right now emotionally, but I'm trying to take it one day at a time.

Movement: Has slowed down a bit. I know some people get worried at this point, but I'll admit that I'm relieved. I still feel her throughout the day, but it's no longer constant. 

Next Appointment: October 4th.

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Anonymous said...

Love the new haircut. Glad this pregnancy is going so well!! Love Mom